The overwatch event start at 3hPm. If you feel like watching the madness, feel free to drop on gaming_artist.
As for yesterday’s stream work:
The danielle portrait is done. Which we found out we had a photo of her from 2012! Here’s kite hanging out with her: danielle

And the giveaway was for Licorice 80s style. Legging and nes. I don’t remember who it is for o.o
Giveaway Licorice 80s


6 Responses to 80s spider

  1. Moatl says:

    »The mic is my sword«

  2. Metzger says:

    once again: thanks for the Licorice pic!

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    oh, it was Danielle McRae! ^^ I see she’s into Overwatch, and does a lot of video game and anime voices too. Nice photo (hi Danielle and Kite! o/ )

    Licorice in pink legwarmers, playing on her NES, cute! (nice brown enclosure on that CRT TV set, eh? ^_^ )

  4. Finn MacCool says:

    did you ever get to talk with the Out at Home people in the background of the con photo?
    i recall that comic also had a fourth-wall-breaking redhead.