We had a good stream today and thus after a week of trial we decided to keep pursuing that path. We’ve now fixed the webcam, replaced the icon, backdrop and offline image. Next is making some stuff for our overwatch discord group which reached 24 members. Speaking of discord, we’re seriously considering opening a drowtales official discord and see if people are interested to jump in.





As to what we drew today on stream:
Faen in the Rain
Sad Faen in the rain. Which would be what the comic would be about right now if we weren’t showing Snadhya getting her butt kicked. I figure no one need pages of sad faen in the rain as the childs are sent to safety.

And Kite designed the second stream kitty, gaming version, meant to represent her, while the purple kitty is meant to represent me.


2 Responses to Lot of stream stuff

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Aw, poor Faen in the rain…speaking of rain, we in SoCal got socked in today, it was impossible to hear from all the woofing and meowing :3 A tree across the street from my workplace fell over, and we watched a garbage can being washed down the street. On my way home, I spotted two more trees that had toppled, blocking one major street. btw I popped by the livestream for a flash, but before I could say hi, I got busy with work, sorry :( But I’m glad to hear that the weekday streams are a success, and the OW discord group too! o/

  2. Smokehammer says:

    I thought the purple kitty was a black cat XD