friday afternoon we’ll do another art stream where Kite will work on kitties and likely i’ll tackle a Faen piece. As to the next page, its unlikely to be ready before the evening as it feature a challenging background for which Kite went as far as making a 3d model for it.

Today’s commission work is the next magical chiri chan. Beware, very NSFW. To be worked on this saturday.
magical chiri chan 10


2 Responses to Bad flower

  1. Smokehammer says:

    Come on Chiri, burn it with fire!

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    MGC is getting tentacled while standing in the urethra of D.worm? The irony XD

    btw Kite, that ‘arena’ in the latest page of MA is breathtaking, good job! ^^