The first twitch art stream begin join us! There will be one giveaway at the end of the stream from one of us two as we will be sharing the same screen for the first time.

And the result was:
Variation on get off my lawn
giveaway for vlash
Luna’s aura with the baby.
It lasted about 2h50 in lenght so i’d say its a good amount of stuff drawn for that time. We’ll do it again tomorrow and this time i,ll work on Lordpanther’s naga. I think 2hours should be the goal to aim without giveaway since the big saturday stream is 4h


One Response to Twitch stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    rofl! XD blowing her gum bubble nonchalantly…so bada$$! while au-ra mom and bebbeh are so cuuute, just what da Hel is going on there with the demonic cat? somehow I can hear Kern’s voice going “DIE” and Kite’s voice going “NYA” :3