Starting monday the 16th january Kite and I will begin weekdays twitch stream, likely to start at 2hPM everyday. These twitch streams will be focused on warmup pictures or commissions that are game related. The one screen on gaming_artist will feature both of us at the same time if all goes well with the setup. Because this will be a smaller more casual stream, there will only be one giveaway from the both of us. This giveaway can either be an art request(in which case we choose who does it) or a game challenge where you choose which game i will try on the stream ; given that i have access to it and can stream it. Regular saturday streams on picarto will continue , with Mau and Darkvolt as guest this saturday, then Lunareth the following week, and the alst weekend will be Vergil and Luna. Twitch streams won’t have guests, except for people joining in-games, like for the overwatch events.
Hope to see you there! Its a new project which i hope will grow roots in the twitch community. It’d be nice to grow a wider audience.
Kiel Kimono Snake
Not much to show today as i’ve done 7 composition drafts. 4 of them for the Kiel in kimono commission. The 3 other are witch Mercy from overwatch, which is a private commission.


4 Responses to Twitch stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Awesome, best of luck with the weekday Twitch streams! o/ I just want to add that Drowtales Studios is the most prodigious and industrious that I know, always trying new things while weaving an epic tale. Thanks for your generous work and livestreams! ^^

  2. Waffleferret says:

    Woohoo! I’m stoked ! Thanks for giving us so much of your time