Thursday 3hPM east will be the overwatch stream, this time with pun-maker Kite! Up to 10 players are welcome to join us tomorrow on gaming_artist. A discord chat room link will be given to those who want to jump in, for the voice chat. No trash talk please! We’re there to play and hangout with friends. Also, only even numbers of players can jump in : ex: if you come in and you’re the ninth player, a tenth need to arrives before you jump in. To keep the teams even.

I challenge you, find out which metroid game in 2016 could be worth mentioning as one of the best game of the year.
unless you’re really into gaming news, its one you’re unlikely to have heard of. its the one game i saw no one guess since the start of this picture, which now have a background! One more drawing session to complete it.


2 Responses to background in

  1. VestaHound says:

    Is the Metroid game AM2R? :P Metroid Federation Force doesn’t seem to have a fairly good standing to be the top Metroid game of the year.