Little by little, it progress o.o


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  1. Vlashrod says:

    So far we have : The Darkest Dungeon, Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Overcooked, Titanfall, Doom III, Shantea, Metroid, Owlboy, The Last Guardian.

    Maybe the black guy is Daeth Finger One punch, i don’t know. I forgot the graphic game for the bartender and forgot too for green-hair lady ^^’

    Still searching for the rest

    • Kern says:

      All good guesses but no one guessed which metroid game since this pic begun ont he livestream.
      never heard of a game called one finger death punch.

  2. Vlashrod says:

    One Finger Death Punch* sorry

  3. Metzger says:

    green haired girl is from Oxenfree

  4. Netulogina says:

    Girl with a bow in the upper right part of the Momodora series.
    Bartender underneath her from VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.
    Still do not know, who the two girls over Samus.