Not much progress on the big game artwork today. So the stream will likely be about inking, then flat and texturing it. And speaking of stream, make sure to wish Vergil happy birthday if you’re coming to hang out!
Still, here’s a 2016 review. It felt good to look back.
January: Studying my wife style of painting
February: Lots of concept arts
March : More of the same. Concept and study of the paintings tyle
April: Experimenting with rendering by adding light instead of adding shadow.
may : Nothing in particular.
June:Contrast and a lot of light study.
July : Lightweight study
August: Big productive month, caught up on all the delayed artworks.
september : Study of offscreen objects casting onscreen shadow.
October: Nothing in particular
November : Tossing the old layer setup out the window. Anything goes.
december : Thin painted lines and Saturation study.

Holiday Faen by Vick! thanks, its good to hear you’re still around.

And Starlitdragon was working on a Kyorl group artwork earlier this year. Unfortunately she never had the time to color it. Still look great though.


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  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Of all the 2016 reviews, the one for June really catches my eye as a superlative combination of techniques. And HI VICK, Happy New Year, great Holiday Faen! \o/ And wow, Starlitdragon, very nice Kyorl group shot, the details are crisp, while the peach (rose?) coloring is very well done! o/