Overwatch community stream on gaming_artist at 2hPm east. There won’t be a custom artwork or announcements on social medias anymore so if you want to play with us, just drop by the stream or click follow to get a notification. We’ll be playing on the american server this time, with a discord chatroom to avoid the whole battlenet voice chat issues. I think our core team will be Bast, Senec, Mao, Vergil and Varzil until(and if!) we get more for the big randomized custom matches.

Concept art for Dalvyserran. And with this one done,i’ve no more commissions on my list to do. Which mean thursday to saturday i’ll be working on that big best games of 2016 collage! From Dark souls 3 to Shantae, all in one pile.


8 Responses to naughty Sul lady

  1. Metzger says:

    what is that hairstyle called? I’ve seen it on other characters in anime and comics, but never heard a name for it…the naughty wave?

    btw, I thought naughty Sul ladies enjoyed baggy clothes and reading philosophy.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Uwaaah, bare neck! *nosebleed* XD Hmmm…poison vials…quite the “femme fatale” there, Ash’alanka…