We’re back to work after taking monday’s off! Thanks to darkvolt for the help with the filler. Now there should be a tuesday update *look up* except its wednesday. Seem to be a recurring theme lately but Kite will push the page trough before the night’s over.
Concept art for Vlashrod is complete. Neh’s little daughter. Next is Dalvy concept to be completed.

Starlit said that i might have planned for quain to be shot for the holidays. Nope, just a coincidence. That chapter is way too long for that kind of planning. :p


5 Responses to Big eyes

  1. Black Knight LeFreux says:

    She’s so cute, I just can’t… *Heart Attack*

    But wait, did Nehle have her already or is she simply a character from a futur alternate storyline where Chel isn’t destroyed ?

    And can someone clarify to me the link between Nehle and Ischa ? Are they cousins, half-sisters, relatives ?

  2. Vlashrod says:

    Big eyes but cute ! :)

  3. Navian says:

    I think out of all the story webcomics I read, more than two thirds of them apologized for reaching one of their most depressing or terrifying and suspenseful points during the holidays. Only one of them actually bothered to do something cheerful and Christmas-themed. I’d call that great progress! It used to be hard to find anything that didn’t get diverted this time of year.

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Adorable! ^^