Jasmine from queen of butts with her demon buddy. All pink and shiny.

A nice fanwork by Soulcode along with some kind words!Thank you, i needed this.

Happy Holidays Drowtales, from Code
I’ve stumbled across Drowtales several years ago now and have been a fan ever since. The story, the art, and simply the fun attitude has pushed me to try to improve not only my art; Thanks DT for being awesome.

And to just everyone hungry…
Mostly Mau :p


3 Responses to Fluffy priestess of the blue

  1. Mau_Acheron says:

    Mehhhh T__T

  2. Cutie DarkFae says:

    Very pretty, very anime (big eyes, small mouth, massive breasts) but, yes :)

    I’m not hungry Mau, but you’re making me want anyway :)

  3. Durlyn says:

    Very sweet picture by Soulcode, Merry Christmas Drowtales! :D