Magical chiri chan page only need 2 more hours work to be completed.
For now though there is a problem to address with the new Fallen princess story on daydream. It is one of those that were users selected to be drawn by Donny during the coming year, yes year, time fly fast and in daydream even a simple story takes a long time to wrap up. Just building a harem of 8 people in Queen of butts takes a year, Snadhya meeting Mel for the first time take a year, Zala having her revenge take a year, everything does. In some case, multiple years. Which bring me back to the fallen princess concept about the life of Laele, or as the submitter put it “From childhood to the end of her life.” Everything. Not only is this a challenging concept in the best of case, to make the life story of a character interesting from beginning to end, its also an extremely lengthy proposition when it come to daydream updates rate coupled with the need for interactivity. We decided it wasn’t possible and shrank it down to the core point of Laele life story : Her tainting up to the point she was sealed. Good enough for 50 pages if the concept lift off, but there it is : it didn’t. Only two options were submitted, both trying to tug at other period of the character life. Normally that’s enough to consider it’s closure. Especially as the voting for the story was so divided that it won by a small minority vote. As a last ditch effort to save it, we made the voting turn into a flashback. but again from what i see so far there is disappointment.
So back to square 1. Either the daydreamers that can submit ideas will understand the limitation and work something out , or we must close that story. In which case there won’t be a call for new story ideas, we’d simply make something we believe will work. Just like for Maid it up, Pirate booty, Mountain of cash and Year 0 which were all launched in the last few months.


5 Responses to A problem with daydream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Aw, I understand Kern. But really, 50 weekly pages can’t come up with enough vignettes to cover the highlights of one character’s life? I mean, I don’t think folks expected “Day 1: Quain gives birth”, “Day 2: Quain hires a wetnurse”, yadda yadda. Although, that might make an interesting chibi sequence…Quain: “Feed it? Well, get a haledri from the Nal’sarkoth and butcher it!” Kel’noz:”Gross, mom!” Quain: “What? You seemed to like it.” Kel’noz: “…Poor haledri…” ;(

    • Kern says:

      As soon as you add characters it takes time.For exemple lordpanther chose to have Laele hiring her first crew. Crew of several character. Each need a name, something to do. And their mission alone to be meaningful need to have a goal, and a challenge. That takes many pages to alone. So you’re already at 10 of your 50 pages, just for one mission in one day of her life. Goes up fast!

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        I can just imagine…as a kid, I came across an old issue of Sgt Fury and the Howlin’ Commandos, the entire book was dedicated to the origins of the Commandos. Current day (WW2) Nick Fury is having a flashback to when he was still a civilian. Happy Sam Sawyer hires him and his friend Red to fly him into occupied Holland, where they come across a traveling circus and they meet Dum Dum Dugan. He has other flashbacks to when Reb, Izzy, Gabe, Dino, and Percy joined up, and when Red was killed during the Pearl Harbor raid. So yeah, many pages, a whole comic book, just on the origins of the squad, not a life story of Nick Fury nor when he lost his eye (that was another book altogether). So I look forward to seeing what happened to Laele after her tainting, or if you all decide to go another path, I’ll be sure to tag along! ^^

  2. Sionyx says:

    Aw, and I want to vicariously find out what the heck happened to Laele. Almost enough to make me want to get a subscription so I can yell at the others to finally let the DT staff answer a question we’ve been asking for quite a while. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to take those moths who’ve taken up residence in my wallet, that subscription isn’t happening.

    So I shall yell from here. Daydreamers, let us find out what happened to Laele! Please!