I’m liking this one, Mei is a cute one to work with:
Overwatch holiday stream on Gaming_Artist thursday 2hPM gmt-5 with mau , silvertea , bast , Neeko and Mono. Join us for the community 12 people brawl after the snowball event!
And to watch me fail at hitting – anyone – with those snowballs, damn it’s hard to aim.


2 Responses to Mei put rocks in those snowball

  1. Laerei says:

    I actually really dislike because it takes away what made Mei great to play (the frost spray) and leaves you with her icesicle turned snowball ( and i suspect she still has icesicles in them, or at the very least rocks) which to reload you have to find ammo on the map and sometimes you can spend half an minute just looking for ammo.

    Mei is obnoxious to play against and now without spray or ammo obnoxious to play as, what with her all her cuteness x12.