Commission for Tyler who wanted to make a gift to a voice acting friend Amber lee. I so rarely draw humans, and its a first to get a commission for a real person! The funny part is that i got two of those this week.
That done, the next commmission is Reefireparrot’s(Also a human portrait) though saturday will be magical girl chiri page and Kite has to finish lordpanther’s fat cat as well.

Lunareth on her side has made some Noir beef. And a Sharess, which will go online in a few days i’m told.


5 Responses to Human, like, with round ears and stuff?

  1. Metzger says:

    very nice picture, I like the movement “caught” in it!…But what kind of bizarre sci-fi creature is a hu-man?

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    she’s very pretty! ^^ and yes, the dynamic motion is outstanding. I think movement is okay, especially with all the musical notes in the background and all (just as long as it’s not a…ahem…bowel movement…oh stop, y’all were thinkin’ it too! XD I’ll see myself out…)

    ooo, looking forward to the next MGC page (I wonder how the voting went? will Chiri go spelunking? if she finds what made the D Worm so big, will she cry out, “Urethra!” \o/ alright, I’m leavin’…) ; )