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Holiday all requests stream : 24th december
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Retro game stream : 9th december

or “Pure bread cat” as Kite calls it. Oh so punnny.

Commission for thrair complete. Aboutt he current mess going on in the clan.

And Kite did another cute little thing.

Made progress on the voice actress commission as well
Will complete tomorrow.


8 Responses to Pure bread

  1. Metzger says:

    Wonder if that cat spends it’s days just loafing around?

  2. smokehammer says:

    In Soviet Russian you slice cat?

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    It’s a Wonder how we rise to the occasion to white a well-bread pan! ^^ I crust Kern has a rye sense of humor, or heel be mad at the very yeast…no-bun-y wants him to be sour, dough it’s squaw-lity material…but ciabatta baguette up to go just in cake *shot* XP