Kite is starting a fat animal serie, hopefully one a day! Here is day 2 with a fat unicorn with rainbow snot.
The next one promise to be very punny…

A new daydream story by Mau started over the weekend: Maid it up:
As always to judge whether people like the story or not is based on the amount of votes and options so make sure to vote on what will happen next. This one is our very black&white comic serie over there so we’re not sure if people are going to like it yet. The idea came up from the page sketches that Mau usualy do to help Lunareth with queen of butts, these always came so clean , even partially shaded.

A quick Noir(Queen of butts) profile practice.
And the drafts selection for 2 commissions in progress:
To be worked on over the week.


One Response to Fat unicorn, Maid it up

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    rainbow snot XD that unicorn is so cute, but it looks like a Hale’dri just a bit ^^ Mau’s new story looks interesting, the protagonist is certainly cute! <3 and that's a sharp looking Noir profile shot there! o/