The overwatch stream went well, with 11 players at its peak. Plus there was a surprisingly few technical issue this time , with recording at high res, streaming and voice chat with so many. The recording is 2h45, at a massive 3gig. As to what will be done with it, likely very little, perhaps Mau will want to extract her plays of the game! That said we’ll do it again.
By Mau.

And pro-gamer kite needed a pun in the title.


3 Responses to Pro gamer cat

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That was a fun recording, it was great hearing everyone’s voices ^^ I know it’s hard to coordinate once you’re engaged in the fight, but it seems the team did best when they were fighting as a unit, supporting the front line fighters with defense in depth. That one where you guys were pushing the payload towards the pad was frustrating, because almost every time Kern’s chara got killed, it was because one of the enemy charas came up from that side doorway you had to pass at the 90 degree left turn, and basically worked around the back of his shield. It might have been a good idea for someone to work that doorway, and after taking out the backstabbing SOB (?Ash?), use that doorway to work around to the back of the bad guys, flanking them…but alas, 20/20 hindsight from a JAFO (just another f***ing observer) ;)- The two enemies that seemed to do the most damage were Roadhog and whoever turns into the Tire-o-Death, although almost every type of enemy killed Kern’s chara from that damned side doorway…grrr…well, best of luck on your next OW session! o/

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      btw the two pics above are adorable! ^^ love Mau’s chip-nomming gamers (who’s the one on the left with D.Va?), and Pro Gamer Kite is simply cativating :3

      • Mau_Acheron says:

        Thank you very much Bas! I’m glad that you liked the stream either! :) Yeah, that’s a difficult part, and you have to focus pushing the payload, keep together the team for the healers, and trying to keep alive xD
        The left character is Lucio, one of the healers :) Lucio is Silvertea’s main chara, she is the best with him!