Shashi Audiobook

The second book about the Alstrat’s journey.
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Credits: written by YAN GAGNE , edited by MARY GARREN produced by EDWYN TIONG music by JORMA POYER artwork by Yan and Mary. sound from SOUNDSNAP.COM ,featuring EDWYN TIONG as narrator LUCIEN DODGE as Fen DANIELLE McRAE as Dhalzin STEPHEN LYNCH as Eldham RINA ADACHI as female scholar


4 Responses to Audiobook : Alstrat’s journal – Sha’shi

  1. Kear'Naun says:

    Awesome as ever (in my opinion). Even if I’ll have to listen to it another two or three times, what with english not beeing my first language, to make sure I get everything. Big THANKS and lots of cheers to all the people involved with the production.

  2. Picanet says:

    “And they will give you…give you fancy.. fancy dresses! <3 ”

    Wonderfully done. I look forward to the next in the series ^^

  3. Blackshade10 says:

    Fantabulous! I just LOVE the Alstrat journal Audiobooks! This one and the last are just made of 100% authentic bad-ass.

  4. Edwyn Tiong says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! Always glad to know these audiobooks are well-received. :-)