The cats decided to assist Kite with today’s page. One by one.
Which led to a Kite self portrait.
and somehow this crazy thing came up during the making of the page:

Luna sent her cute octobear from last livestream. No follow up on the giveaway yet but then she is only now starting to recovering from her sickness.
On the Luna topic, her and Mau put the new Queen o butts page up, with an animation this time!

To wrap up today with something Very NSFW: Progress on the Anahid smut producer 4 commission.


2 Responses to 10 / 10 would cat again

  1. Durlyn says:

    Oh no, no no no no nnnnnuuuuuu! Its bad enough Quainy got shipped with Zala, now Suube?! STOP THE SHIPPING! XD

    P.S. Quainy X Ashie forever! >;3