One fluffy dog for Mau. The point was to practice some fur pattern through this but hm, yeah, long way to go.

Kite did the world of final fantasy slime princess. of course it’s cute.

And naughty Naal’s commission started. It’s not the next on the list but it couldn’t be livestreamed saturday so thursday this one get done. Chiri’s page will be sketched friday, to be worked on saturday.


One Response to flouffy dog

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That…is one huge fluffy doggeh! 8D Is that chibi Sakrag he’s sitting on? X) And that is such a cute slime princess ^^ er, her hair kinda looks like a boob d^u^b it’s adorable though, hair-boob could be a thing yo! Speaking of boobs…wow naughty Naal sure grew…up! B)8