Gift art for Silvertea. Her ff14 miqote fishing, or about to lose her tail.
I’Ve a project to try later this week or next week. Recording the process of a fanart, speeding it up the video and adding narration over about the topic of the piece. I don’t know if it’ll be interesting to watch but it’s worth trying. And on that topic, friday’s afternoon is the castlevania symphony of the night stream with Vergil. I’ll be doing a fanart about it while the game is ongoing.


2 Responses to fishing cat girl

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Such a cute miqote…so pale…and she’s about to catch a crab! ^^; Neat project, Kern…are you going to post it on YouTube? And I hope I catch some of Vergil’s twitch stream Friday! o/