Thank you Ssapdra for the sweet tribute ;o;

Also, Gem’s big commission is complete and up. Gave it priority earlier today to ensure it finally get done @_@
Anahid smut producer 3
So now i only have 2 commissions left to wrap up. The Chiri chan page and a Naal one that i may do this saturday.


3 Responses to Vene and Shala

  1. Metzger says:

    D’awwww Shala being a big sis to Vene *cries*

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    So sad…Vene and Shala, in Valhalla…thanks Ssapdra, they’re looking happy! T_T/

    Third installment of Ana’s porn studio looks good, Kern! Such tentacle goodness ^^

    • Durlyn says:

      Ditto, this pic gives me the feels too, but I do like the idea of Vene and Shala teaming up in Valhalla to show everyone else what’s for! Sarghress forever! Happy hunting you two, we’ll miss you ):