Going to stream VR horror game, on the right channel this time, in a few minutes from this posting. Hopefully one of them spook me on camera for Kite to giggle. or maybe it’Ll be kite who’Ll shriek.

Edit: Don’t blink beaten on screen within 2 minutes as expected.
Emily want to play, damn that game XD we did get one shriek out of Kite but nah. The game isn’t fair with it’s mechanic and after about 12 death i just ended up giving up on trying to get a hold of the flashlight without dying.
Dead secret. No death, played a long time too. We got the safe opened upstair but the whole game is making me seriously ill @_@. That one won’t be continued.
Darkvolt suggested we try the Vanishing realm one next. Perhaps next friday!
Picture by Tsukiko about the Emily playthrough.

And thrair commission is done. Borderland style card was the goal, though i don’t think it look like it, hm…

Tomorrow’s stream will be with Darkvolt and Kite. No fourth streamer available.


2 Responses to Vr stream and Sillice

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Managed to catch a bit of Emily…Tsukiko’s pic is my sentiments exactly! B( I almost commented that Kern needs to beat that ghost’s ass, it was so irritating (and that was with no sound, I can’t imagine how frustrating it was for Kern wearing the VR headset and full sound!). I caught a good portion of Dead Stupid…when Kern put on the goggles showing what, psychic remnants?, that looked cool…but they don’t move, they don’t attack you, they just lay there. Lazy ghosts. And I hate it when you need exactly one hidden something, and without that something you can’t advance, you just stumble around touching every blamed thing in the room, and FINALLY you find it…that kind of puzzle is more frustrating than fun. I’d be like “use shotgun on safe”…”you don’t have the shotgun”…”find shotgun”…”there is no shotgun here” That would be when the game ends up on the bookshelf, if it came in a box. Grrr… B( But hey, it looked pretty neat, I just wish I coulda put in my earbud, but I was busy at work, so…will definitely try to catch next Friday’s stream! ^^

    Sil’lice Borderland card looks neat! I think maybe if her name was bigger, banner-style like the others you did, but hey it looks good! o/