Sketchless painting of Chiri in kimono with blades, a challenge from Lunareth.
And progress on a commission which is Gem’s 76 smut producer commission.
But he is away a lot lately so i may end up working on another commission tomorrow until i get his review.


6 Responses to Chiri why is your head so big

  1. smokehammer says:

    Isnt a normally proportioned person 1 head from clavicle to the bottom of the ribs? So I would say her hands are a bit small, and perhaps(and Chiri’s petite so emphasis here) her shoulders are a bit too narrow, other than that..her head doesn’t really seem all that big. It could be her hair though, that doesnt seem quite right.

    • HoneyBee says:

      Yeah, hands are deffo too small. The head is a tad too big, but it depends on the style, really. It’s not that much.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I like how the background is out of focus, while Chiri is nice and crisply in focus…considering that it’s lineless, that’s a great job! ^^ Agree with smoke that the hands look a bit short, although the shoulders could be written off to perspective as she’s turned to one side. That’s a beautiful kimono, btw…the golden obi looks sharp. Chiri’s not one to smile all that often, but her face looks very mature, the confident look in her golden eyes, the shapely lips in a hint of a scowl…imho, Ariel needs to start looking like this more, less Pollyanna, if she’s ever going to be a leader of any sort. take Merril’lin for instance…she acts like a kid, she’s diminutive like Chiri, but when you can see her irises, the look in her eyes reminds me of like a Buddha icon, the eyes pierce your soul. “Merril’lin is not threatening. Nor a kid.” It would be great if Ariel became more like that, hence my choice for my avatar, Ariel’s eyes just before her spar with Riviel B) oops, I digress…great pic, Kern! ^^;

  3. HoneyBee says:

    Samurai Chiri ~