Okay so we’ll try again the whole horror VR thing on friday, 4hPM. If Metzger show up i’ll beat Don,t blink again. Else i’ve dead secret and emily wants to play. Turn up that Kite liked doing it regardless if we messed up the stream, so , yeah, more horror turned comedy XD
100% accurate photorealistic photo of Kite as today’s lineless warmup.
Still no progress on commission. I’m just keeping up with everything takes my time away. Here’s the current list for the commissions:

concept art for jesse
Anahid smut for Gem
Borderland for Thrair
Chiri chan For Lordpanther
Couple for Tsukiko : TBC 12 november
Kite Fat cat for Lordpanther
Chiri clan animal for Lordpanther

Lunareth did this adorable Anahid:
She takes suggestions sometime on her tumblr. Make sure you follow her.


5 Responses to Cute

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Awww, King Kite is so cuuute! ^^ Nicely done, Kern! And Luna too…I can almost hear Ana laughing! |D (leaf piles smell funny, tho’ ;p )

  2. smokehammer says:

    Kite can be King. If you guys havent read the enchanted forest chronicles, you should ( if you ever get any time XD )

    • Kern says:

      Is this an audiobook?

      • smokehammer says:

        I found it like that on audible.com, but its split into its respective books, Starting with “Dealing with Dragons”. The author’s Patricia C. Wrede, but my god man, at nearly 20 bux a pop, thats an expensive way to “read” those stories. (couldnt tell you if the narrator was any good either, though the samples seem fine)