I was wondering why there was only one person on the stream ; i streamed to the wrong channel @_@ It went to an old Justin tv carry over account instead of gaming_artist.
Metzger : I beated the game in 20 minutes. Got to the green light. Now its lost… At least Kite had fun! She shrieked, she laughted, she pinched my butt. The game would have been funnier with fluffy cats hunting us down.
Time to embarrass myself during Halloween by streaming a VR horror game while a camera is pointed at me. Nothing can go wrong, right?
Click follow on the channel to get a notification when it begins.
There you go Metzger. And trying a new time to see if it works better with people.

And i did this cute animated cat yesterday, in honor to the google front page mini game.


2 Responses to halloween

  1. smokehammer says:

    Dude that google game is so awesome.

  2. Durlyn says:

    Happy Halloween Drowtales! :D