Stream is over. Metzger suggested to try horror VR for a halloween stream. I’m open to the idea but what games should be tried? Leave your idea in a comment if you have one.

Part 2 of Nekopara begins with Kite jumping in once more to do the narration and provide all the nyas. Clearly this game hide some dark stuff ; where’s all the people? Why so many cat girls? How can they grow up into adults within a year? Why, oh why, did we bio-engineer slave cat people with thumbs!? Hopefully we get answers.
Start at noon, ends at 2hPM.


4 Responses to Nekopara part 2

  1. Metzger says:

    well here’s the game I suggested:

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ooo, you guys recorded it so I can enjoy it after all! \o/ I got too busy at work and missed most of it, thanks you guys! ^^ I’m glad I can hear Kite’s voice at full volume too, nya :3 Now wait…”Objective achieved”? “Coordinates confirmed?” “Roger that?” Are these catgirls…androids? 8o Yes Kite, it was saved…including the uncomfortable shower scene X) Poor Kern and Kite, getting all flustered ^^ Wow, Cinnamon and Coconut (the latter should be plural, btw) are not too much, Kern…not too much at all! *u* And from what Shigure says, I guess Kashou’s dad doesn’t approve of his baking profession? Oh, I see…the Minaduki are a Wagashi-ya, and Kashou likes to bake Western cakes, I see now. And those bells have GPS? o_O Wow, the catgirls cleaned him out in 30 minutes…that might be good advertising, if people saw the sign so early in the day! Thanks again for streaming and saving, it was a lot of fun! o/

  3. Kearnaun says:

    Oh, that one was awesome once again. And that image suggests that you have uncovered the secret of Dark Chocola. *sage nods*