Progress on the pizza fight comic page commission below. Tomorrow i will do the overwatch event artwork, then on friday i’ll try to complete the page. Saturday is Farex’s chibi, followed by Tsukiko’s lineart. Next monday is…break o_o i made two chibi pages yesterday, two pages in a day means we get a day off! Tuesday i’ll finish tsukiko’s commission. Then i’ll tackle the last unfinished commission : anahid smut producer 3. Which will likely take a while considering the details. That leave the stream of the 29th free for commission for this month’s schedule.


2 Responses to Pizza

  1. Lement says:

    Civil War: Sarghress?

    Not over heirs or who should rule or who they ally with.

    No, due food shortage!

    Would be more amusing if it wasn’t so likely a path to happen. Quain, Suube, Koil, all fall before their tummies.

  2. Moatl says:

    Wenn sich zwei streiten, freut sich die dritte…
    (Wenn two argue, a third will be happy…)