Candy raider 2016 for Durlyn is complete with undead Shimi rising Its a yearly halloween commission that goes as far as 2012. here’s the previous years:


8 Responses to Candy raider

  1. smokehammer says:

    No Ariel! Dont eat Ash-Chiri !! She’s Strawberry Marshmallows, not brains!

    Oh wait theyre Candy Raiders… uhhh…my bad.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Magnificent, Kern! /(*o*)\ Adorable Chainsaw Chiri, fighting off all the undead…and whoa huge Shimi-zombie! Xo I have to say, little Sarv with the axe in the 2013 one is so cute! ^^ Thanks Durlyn for commissioning this annual tradition 5 years running! \o/

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yay for yet another Durlyn Halloween commission! And isn’t that zombie Durlyn crawling up the side of the candy stash with part of his back missing?? Well, I’d give him a hug, but I’m worried he’d fall apart… not to mention that when Chirisaw girl pulls herself together, she’s going to rip him apart.

    Chainsaw Chiri: Ugh! I’ve got Durlyn all over my stockings! I’ll never get him off!

    Zombie Durlyn: X-3 ♥

    Unless of course zombie Faen butt-glomps him, and inadvertently drags him to safety. Speaking of which, who goes around stitching up zombies?

    Kiel’ndia: Who do you think? You can always rely on my clan to do the most insane thing in any given situation.

    Larv’ova: Less talking, more stitching! Share in the loot, share in the work! Those candy stashes aren’t going to zombie-raid themselves!


  4. HoneyBee says:

    ***Gasp*** the nerve to use the image of the Holy Mother like this. A– a zombie !?!! It’s– it’s– it’s AWESOME !! *cough* I mean, bad, this bad.
    But so good to see the best Mother ever back. Mother shall never leave again, nya. =^.^=

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Shimi’lande will live on in our hearts and fanfics forever, along with Sandaur’recherrai and all the other cute/handsome/cool fallen.

      • HoneyBee says:

        Do not compare her to such peasants– Shimi’lande has not fallen !!! She’s sleeping. She will wake up later, when she’s able. I know she will !

        *ahem* no, Sandaur deseves my full respect, as well. Apologies, baby Sandy. ;_;

  5. Durlyn says:

    Happy Halloween everyone! Glad you like the latest Candy Raiders picture, Kern outdid himself with this one :D

    Now remember, always leave out a generous offering of chocolate on Halloween night, or Zombie Mother Shimi & her Zombie Raiders will rise from the grave to claim it themselves! >8D