we’re going live! From noon to 2hPm or whenever we die horribly.
Joining me is Kite, Thalar and Bast.
If you click follow during the stream, you’ll get a Kite’s nya.


4 Responses to Diablo stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    You guys didnt play until you died!

    • Kern says:

      it was too easy o_o we’ll be scaling up the difficulty from hard to master for next time.

      • smokehammer says:

        It doesnt really become hard until Torment 4, but even then its more the speed at which you can kill rather than OH CRAP! I DIED type difficulty. As much as I’d love to say Hardcore was a pain, you usually die from lag when you die, unless youre just being specifically pigheaded about standing in bad stuff. -And Maltheal…he might kill you on Master depending upon how crappy your drops have been or not.

  2. Gunbird says:

    But would that be a good thing that they didn’t die, smoke?