Diablo 3 still onroute for tomorrow noon. I’ve setup the twitch channel to have an automatic popup whenever someone will click follow. Something i wish picarto would do.
Next week is still overwatch hide and seek, and very likely the week after is overwatch again, for the sake of getting the haloween events in. We’ll see. Kite is interested to do a part 2 of the cat girl game. As for saturday, the stream will be with Madeleine, Thalar and either Mau or Kite.
Finished page 7 of magical girl chiri chan. With this the story will go on a hiatus for a while as the sponsor, Lordpanther, had to deal with a misfortunate event for the next month or more. The story will resume this winter.
And a fanwork by Romanfyre
with a nice comment:

Drew one of my favorite Drowtales (webcomic) characters as her younger self for #inktober2016 . Her name’s Chrys’tel and she has to be the one with one of the greatest character development arcs in the entire story.


4 Responses to Magical chiri 7

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, LP…I had just come up with a suggestion for the next page, too : ( Hang in there, man

    I’m hoping I’ll catch the Diablo 3 stream, it should be slow at work ; )- Have fun, guys! And yay Saturday stream! \o/

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    That’s Kuso, isn’t it? Even without his horned helmet of distinctiveness, he still has that scar across his nose… and besides, who else would want to do that with a warm steak? (Actually, I think we all saw this coming. Is anyone really surprised at the idea of Kuso taking his passion for steak to the next level?) Anyway, I would personally recommend taking any opportunity to end Kuso, but Magical Girl Chiri is somewhat restrained by her lack of offensive powers. Maybe she could hit him with her love powers until he love-bombs himself into a mummified husk…

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear about your unspecified misfortune, LordPanther. I have nothing to offer by way of comfort, except for more happy scritchies, and this living “blanket” of formation-scampering squirrels, which also dispense happy scritchies. I hope things improve as soon as they can. Scamper forth, my pretties, and make the Panther purr. And no chewing his joists or building nests in his wainscotting!


  3. Gunbird says:

    I hope LP is ok.