Frame for Chiri chan daydream archive.
Kite then tweaked the background vines to look better. That updated version is now up on daydream in the chiri archive.

Kiel and Nau in AU school. About to go boom, for Lordpanther. By Lunareth.

Lunareth correcting the lack of butt.

15 minutes challenge was “Sentient poo”

For Jornorrin:
for sygdom:
for tsukiko:

On today’s stream, we have Nau and Kiel from Lunareth, today’s page from Kite and magical’s chiri frame from me. Mid stream event will be a 15 minutes art challenge and there will be the usual 3 giveaways at the end of the stream. Join us for potatoes!


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That MGC frame looks great (had to zoom out a bit to see, I usually run at around 125% to optimize the story panels), Chiri looks so lifelike, and I have a softspot for Snad-Flowey 83 Kiel and Nau in chemistry class look really sharp too, like in the MGC frame the colors are so rich and vivid! The extra butt pic is adorable too (dat’s some nice butt, lucky Nau!). Now, I’m so sorry about the indelicate Challenge topic…but hey, it was a change of pace, no? And Kite can say “HA I BEAT ALL A Y’ALLS” in elapsed time ;D I wonder how two of them ended up wearing glasses though? B) I was inspired by Dr. Slump/Arale-chan’s Unchi (Arale-chan would stop running just to play with it by poking it with a stick, and it would laugh) ^^ Maybe it’s Japanese scat humor that doesn’t translate well v(^_^)v Anyway, the generous giveaways look awesome as always (Magical Girl Taldrin is wearing bloomers? XD adorable!). Thanks again for a most enjoyable livestream, guys! \o/

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Kiel should never be allowed anywhere near a chemistry lab. I would also be wary of letting her take domestic science…

    Domestic science teacher: And what dessert are you making?

    Kiel’ndia: I call it the “chocolate pudding backdraught”. It’s my own recipe!

    Domestic science teacher: I see… actually, I think you should sit this one out… put your ingredients away and I’ll give you a pass-

    Kiel’ndia: The pudding’s already in the oven, miss! It should almost be done. I’m a fast worker when I need to be!

    Domestic science teacher: *!* Everyone… leave the classroom now. *turns off oven* I’ll call in the school sealer squad.


    Chirinide: *marches up with squad, glowers at Kiel’ndia* You. I might have known. Squad! Clingfilm at the ready! *holds up her roll of clingfilm, pulls out a long sheet of film, leads her squad into the classroom* That’s it. Wrap it well.

    Oven: *BLAM!!*

    Chocolate-coated Chirinide: *exits classroom with squad* *marches off down corridor* *furtively licks fingers* How can such wicked misbehaviour taste so yummy… :-(


    As for sentient poo, I have fond memories of Mister Hankey the Christmas Poo from South Park and the various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turd takeoffs that appeared in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

  3. Hfar says:

    That daydream pic is all wrong. Clearly that booty is not nearly big enough!