Only one more spot in the overwatch team for friday. If i’ve missed your message, feel free to email me at . Since twitch doesn’t allow multistream, we’ll be testing a new workaround for friday where both screen will show up in the same screen. Please…let it not be technical issues.

Feel like i missed a lot of work, and i probably did as another migrained strike. Even with the filter glasses . We’re suspecting that it just slow down whatever build up happens in my brain as nothing today ought have triggered it. These news unfortunately relate to comic for they’re the one thing that affected the work the most since 2015. If you end up hearing some french canadian guy started the zombie apocalypse, it’s me, when my brain finally finished melting.

Still, Gem’s next Anahid porn producer is complete
he already commissioned a third one. Which will be my next pic. Then, magical girl chiri chan, then another sponsored comic page. I’ve nothing short for this saturday stream.

Mau and Luna did something new for daydream! A certain bouncy animation…
Smoothest animation on daydream yet. Thanks Mau!


5 Responses to bluuuurgh

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Sorry to hear that you had another bout with migraine : ( The way you describe it “building up” in your brain and the anti-glare glasses just slowed it down, it sounds like a hormonal/chemical process. I feel kinda guilty because while I suffered migraines 8 years ago, it hasn’t recurred (came close to it a few months ago, I saw an aura starting, but unaccompanied by pains, and went away in a few minutes). Just wondering, have you had your teeth checked recently? I remember that around the same time I had the migraines, I had just lost two lower #4 molars (at first I thought they were wisdom teeth, but I counted and nope, they were molars…dammit…). Combined with the stress of being between jobs, and the weather was hot that summer, is all I can think of. Haven’t lost any teeth since then, and not having financial crises, might have changed my body chemicals just enough that the migraines no longer occur. Then again, I am known to talk out my butt a lot, so never mind ^^ Take care, Kern, and I hope the Overwatch Event is a great success! \o/

    p.s. have voted and commented over on DD on both Ana Porn Director 2 and the bouncy-bouncy QoB episode! ^^

    • Kern says:

      Last year, yeah. I consider that recent XD
      And yes it has to be chemical, especially when it come to a brain.
      Hope to see you there on friday.

  2. Farex says:

    Love the new wallpaper. Great job, Kern, and thanks to Gem for commissioning it!

    In theory, you can do multistream in Twitch using an external service called but if you can get picture-in-picture to work it’s probably better, because then people discovering it through Twitch’s directory can see both.

    Anyway, I’ll do my best to tune in on Friday :)

    • Kern says:

      Technically this started because of you XD you seeded it.
      Thanks. And yeah multitwitch is hm, not exactly suitable. it’s more for people who want to watch multiple stream on one page as it pull the feed off twitch and doesn’t merge the chat.

  3. Thrair says:

    Count me in for the team!