I made an announcement graphics for the social medias announcement. As we need as many people as possible to make this event a success.

Let’s revive our twitch channel where we mix art and gaming!
Mau and Silvertea will be playing while i draw events from the games for 2 hours. The gameplay and voice chat will be be visible on screen next to the art and we welcome up to 4 community members to join us on our team.

Textless version:


6 Responses to Oberwatch on friday

  1. Thrair says:

    I was thinking about getting Overwatch already…. this is some serious temptation. :P

  2. LordPanther says:

    And I would like to accept that invitation to join the team.

  3. Laerei says:

    I’d join in the game but I live on another continent so the connection certainly wouldn’t be a credit to the team. :P

  4. Hfar says:

    This is so devious. I like it!