It’s official, friday noon (Gmt-5) we’ll revive the twitch channel Gaming artist ( ) with as first event : Overwatch with Mau. Unlike the 2014 attempt, these streams will always be done with a partner who will perform the game, voice act or provide the art themselves. Because overwatch is a social game, we will accept invite into the game up to 5 players , all to join Mau’s team. She alone will be on the voice chat feed to the stream , for the sake of auditory sanity. Meanwhile i will be drawing things that happen on stream and interact with the chat. None of the pictures will be big as i expect the stream to last 3 hours at the most. All of this will take place on a single stream window, with Mau’s gaming feed being pumped out to my screen.
The week after is Kite joining me to narrate a cute game on steam, likely the neko maid cafe, because we all want to hear Kite go nya a lot.
If these two events meet success, then there will be more. If it meet the 2014 dark souls doom, then the channel will be put aside once again.
That said lets get to the work of today:
Concept art for Denis. This one is for a roleplaying group that chose drowtales as the setting.

Two version of the commission for B. Once i understood the purpose it’s meant for, i offered to do the second one.

Felix’s picture will go on daydream soon once it is adapter to the archive.

Today’s 15 minutes challenge topic was “Demon blob” with as winning idea from vlashrod : “Succubus”
Ssapdra(Post 15 minutes version)

Navian (roomba?)

Ssapdra(I think):
Bonus cat picture from Mary(Ignore the me getting the cat foot to the face):
Bonus cat inten from Darkvolt.
I think that cover cat tax?

Felix will stream a commissioned comic page, a daydream logo, Kite will finish today’s page and begin on monday and i will be tackling a concept art as well as a tumblr header. Busy busy! 15 minutes art challenge as the mid-stream event, with giveaways to 3 audience members at the end of the stream.


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Moatl says:

    A Beldrobbaen in a white dress?
    Funny times we are living in. :)

    Or is it because she’s a medic?

  2. vernes says:

    Loving the spider/faery.
    Definitely going to write something with it.

  3. Gunbird says:

    How did the stream go?

  4. Nikkoru-san says:

    Damn, I love Overwatch but won’t get home from work until half an hour into the stream :( I’d love to be part of Mau’s team.