It’s finally done! I had to take most of the day but thankfully i’ve far ahead with the moonless age work and can afford to move the focus for today. You can read the page for free as it is sponsored by Lordpanther, to vote you’ll need a daydream account.
It was no giant worm.
It’s much worse.
Magical girl Chiri is not strong on the whole lude stuff, as it focus mostly on Chiri in skimpy outfit. Although now you got a view of the second adult element of the story: The foes’ nature. Not something i would post in the main archive for sure.

Next i’ll finish Gem’s Anahid producer commission. Saturday is B’s naal banner and a new reader’s concept art.


2 Responses to Worm

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Man, what a spread! *o* This page of MGC reminds me of some Japanese “Tokusatsu” (i.e. Power Rangers, Ultraman, etc.) shows where an innocent person is attached to the kaiju, making things complicated for the hero! Can MGC defeat King Dong without hurting Junior? What eunuch skill will be required to neuter-alize that thingy? Stay tuned! ^^ (Chiri looking magnificent, love the dynamic flight sequence!)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    I can’t vote, so I shall hug LordPanther again. *hug*

    Actually, I wouldn’t choose any of the options on offer. You match the weapon to the foe, and in this case, we need a boner-killer. There was a horror that I thought of some time ago, but deemed too horrifying to show… but with the terrible tallywhacker bearing down on us, it is time to unleash… *kettledrum roll* PinkPanties!Kharla’ggen!

    PinkPanties!Kharla’ggen: We… Are… Equipped!

    J. Thomas Greedworm: *recoils, deflates*

    PinkPanties!Kharla’ggen: Kuso. Where is Kuso? We require him!

    J. Thomas Greedworm: *shrivels, retreats*

    Kuso: *breaks sound barrier as he retreats*

    Keep your eyes covered, everyone. I’ll go and desummon Kharlo before he does anything… or anyone.

    >8=)> Goat in Joo Janta Peril-Sensitive Spectacles.