Tomorrow’s stream is with Lunareth and Vergil. Lunareth will be doing the kama sutra commission with the twin ssu.
Speaking of Vergil, the mountain of cash story has begun!
To show support for the story, go in there to insert your ideas and votes! These things are what we look at to know a story has interest.

hospital stuff again. Private stuff, but these things takes time.
The chiri page got inked at least..


2 Responses to A mountain of cash and a green salad

  1. Moatl says:

    Hope health issues are getting better, Kern!

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ditto, and Mountain of Cash (aka Fistful of Dildos? ; ) ) looks fun, I put in my votes! ^^ Oh holy smokes…now that you inked MGC, what’s going on there in the last panel? o_O Is Shan undergoing a penile nagafication by the gigaworm? And no, I’ve never said a sentence even remotely like that in my life, ever. The MGC bus is taking the Hentai onramp…hang on for a wild ride! \o/ (Chiri looks gorgeous)

    btw watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, where they just said Leonardo DaVinci used to sleep with a lit candle at the foot of the bed and stared up at the light cast on the ceiling to get his inspirations…and the first thing I thought was, “do not break wind” XD