The great 12 hours server downtime of september 2016 , cat era. It came, and it is now over! The file server couldn’t connect with the two other servers, resulting in the forbidden error.
Pages went up all around but i did not make progress on commissions yesterday with hospital stuff getting in the way.
Have a Kiel snuggle from Lunareth in the meantime.


6 Responses to Server downtime

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    N’jack getting more squeeze time with Kiel, I see ;D I swear, Luna makes everybody look pretty! ^^

    Well I learned some things when the file server went down: all story pages, archives, and news are on that server; but you can access the forum and wiki directly by typing their URLs, and respectively. I also accessed my PMs through the forum page. Later I spent some productive time going over to the Facebook and Tumblr pages, adding Likes ^^

  2. Metzger says:

    Hospital stuff does makes one wonder, you guys OK ?