Magical girl chiri page 6 in the making

And Mary, the artist of Seksia has given birth to her third child yesterday. Understandably she’ll be leaving the seksia story to her husband until it’s completion. She will return to daydream in about 6 months! During her last few days she made a batch of 4 pictures that she sent during the stream, one of which will go on daydream this week when there’s no updates.
Portrait of Seksia
Shimi’lande! Somehow still alive and dark XD I assume she is a mastermind somewhere plotting Anahid’s rise to power
And a personal gift. Mary is too kind. Must be the Mary(s) alliance taking effect. So yes, those are our 3 cats and our house. no we’re not that innocent and young, and no we don’t have sakura trees. But, make a picture in manga style and inevitably sakura trees will happen!


8 Responses to sakura trees everywhere

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Action heating up in MGC…look out Chiri! (and holy smokes, I guess that transformation did more than make her magical! 8o and omg is that Shan flying sideways? nooo… Xo ) And yay Mary #2, welcome to the world, Baby #3! \o/ Them’s some very nice pics…Seksia looks beautiful, wow dark Shimi giving Mel a run for her money as bustiest drow, and awww you guys look so cute in that pic…nice blur effect on the airborne Neige too! ^^ And nice castle, that glassed arboretum looks sweet!

  2. HoneyBee says:

    NO! Shimi’lande is pure, she is the paragon of perfection. The personification of goodness.
    How dare you profane her Holy name with such vicious accusations, Kern. You shall be trialled for this.

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Now I want to make a Neige-potato… The look fits, at least ;P

  4. swedish_kitsune says:

    Gratulations to Mary for the child :)

  5. Metzger says:

    congrats Mary for the Child!

  6. Mary Regina says:

    Thank you so much all! See you again :)