Saturday’s stream is with Mau who has been streaming all week long on her own and will wrap her stream streak with me. Joining us will be Madeleine! I don’t know what either of them will stream , as for i, it’ll be wild cat Faen to go with last week picture.
I haven’t done any commission work today beside scriping the next magical Chiri with two possible path for Lordpanther to choose. As i’ve spent half the day working on setting up the vive VR headset *_* To have true VR was a childhood dream and while it’s not perfect i’m quite happy with the experience so far. One of the software is google tiltbrush where we get to draw in the 3d virtual space. Its quite the challenge. Unlike a 2d canvas , for the depth has to be taken in consideration. Meaning if my lifted arm pull slightly forward or backward during the stroke, the line will move in space and not connect with whatever else is there. Thus there is no true canvas, it’s all floating in mid-air! The lines even cast a shadow!
Naal made for a good subject:
Everything shine and move as shown by this GIF recording. Warning, it’s 8 megs: untitled_6_01
So a whole new world of media is coming to us, if the VR market doesn’t crash and burn that is. I can see how arts programs could be improved, such as a software where we’d be given realistic tools instead of the shiny google brushes. Like actual spray cans, paint brush, and paint on a “wall” canvas. It’d be cool. Plus the games o_o i know we’re an art studio but damn Valve’s The lab. It’s cool. Standing on top of a mountain, that robotic dog, being inside an arcade… It’s easy to start “believing”.
It is expensive as shit but the way i see it , it’s a dream for a long time and it’s basicly the cost of a vacation; thus we stayed home and got a VR!

Also, Lunareth did this Naalga and Candy for Farex:


2 Responses to VR

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ooo…those look amazing, Kern! *o* (when I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it said something else in the corner! XD ) Now, when you paint in 3D, is it the one brush only, or can you use the other hand to grab your artwork to move it/manipulate it? It might make it easier to paint in space if your other hand could grab hold of the drawing (without smudging!) to give you spatial reference. It must be a lot of fun…I remember seeing an early VR headset in the late ’90s at a trade show, it used LC shutters in the lenses and looked neat but gave some of us headaches. I’m sure they’ve improved on the technology in what, 20 years? ; p Have fun with your Tilt Brush! ^^

    If they can get file sizes down, that would make an awesome web comic tool…3D web comics…*sigh* I guess that’s years away…

    Yay Naal’ga looking good with the ever-good-looking Candy! ^^ Glad to see her gracing DD…her passing in chapter 47 was so sad ; (

  2. Ssapdra says:

    *-* its like glitterclay, it good to fulfill your dreams ^^ and this really open door to the new possibilities i can already picture tools similar to wacom pens compatible with this based on pressure your holding them with *-* as for the games and more regular use well hello cyberpunk :D or hmm did you catched latest trend with 3d view art? this would be rally applicable for VR imagine that you can walk within the scene of DT *-* using something similar to what some galleries/historical buildings have (i think its called 3d view/tour)