Another food poisoning, another two very difficult days. I only managed to do my page on monday and nothing else.
…Is Snadhya also poisoning me? Seem like everyone is lately.
Begun on Vlashrod commission who chose option 3 : the portrait. It’ll be completed for thursday then magical chiri chan will begin.

Demon Naal adventures part 2 , by B:



Make you wonder if she bring Naal everywhere o.o


10 Responses to Poisoning

  1. Lement says:

    Another food poisoning? How does that keep happening :<

    I know autumn is time for rot, but….

    The portrait looks hopeful and proud, at least.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Man, Kern, sorry to hear that you got food poisoning yet again : ( I hope you feel better soon…last time I got food poisoning was the first time I got it, and it laid me out for three days…actually, spent most of it at the throne, either on it or driving the truck. For three days. And what came out was black-green, I thought I was gonna die. And I was supposed to go on vacation too, I blew the first day of the hotel reservation because I couldn’t get a refund XP *ahem* TMI, sorry…”I got better”

    Yay, the Nehle family portrait, with Dath and their daughter Shel’aan! \o/ Looking good…and more adventures of Naal-demon by B! ^^ Looks like our favorite demon-blob is in some sort of gem museum…oh what a pretty glowinGAAAH FLY AWAY NAAL, FLY AWAAAY! Xo *crrrk* Redball calling Black Tide, Redball calling Black Tide, request immediate dustoff, over! *crrrk*

  3. Ssapdra says:

    Activated charcoal is usualy best for this (you might already know) and also its good to have tablets that you put to water and get back your ioni something uuuuh do not remember but we had food poisoning from meat previous summer and it was very painfull experience -.- hope youll get better and fingers crossed for no more health troubles and bad food

    A classic familly portrait :3 they look so cute and Naal is sure a daring adventurer wandering around (also rofling hard on black tide XD)

  4. junglefowl26 says:

    Makes sense.

    If Snad kills the artist and writer when she is winning then by the Tethercat principle she is winning forever.