The second new story serie is up, this one from Mau : booty pirates
The story follow Rayata and Sakrag on a treasure hunting adventure. Go give the story some loves through the voting, it’s what we look at to know if a story is succesful.
The third story, from Vergil, will go up early september. We should be seeing a sketch of page 1 soon.

And the commission that was worked on during saturday’s stream is complete: Anahid smut producer
Commission by Gem. Next is my side of the kama sutra special which 5 of us in the studio were commissioned to do a part of. I’d also like to do a frame for magical girl Chiri’s archive. As for saturday, I’ve curently no commission to stream so if you’ve something you’d like to produced: contact me by email.


3 Responses to Booty pirates

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    So Princess Race is never gonna happen again?

  2. LordPanther14 says:

    Sure thing Kern, new month will have a couple commissions coming your way :)