I couldn’t finish my big commission today, neither did Vergil. But, Kite was productive on the cute side!
Giveaway for Darkvolt
Commission for Eucep
And Naal blending on a cake as part of kite’s live tutorial.
Which goes with B’s Naal plushie!
my giveaway to Basileus.
Vergil’s giveaway to B.

The Anahid porn producer commission will be completed monday. It need 2 or 3 extra hours.
FF14 fanfest entry from Vergil, the next comic page from Kite and Anahid smut producer from Kern. With a teaching workshop as mid-stream event by Kite and requests giveaways to 3 audience members at the end of the stream!


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Need to stop sleeping through these, or have home maintenance pop up during them. :(

  2. Kearnaun says:

    Aww, too bad that I had to drop out before any of these cuies were drawn, to get some writing done. and Naal demon on cake? I guess in Chel cake eats you (if it isn’t poisoned) …

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ooo, thank you again Kern for mah Chawinda, she never looked better! \o/ A great livestream, the opening serenaded by Neige as usual 83 Lots of great Kite works…sorry if I was a bit slow on the uptake that Kite’s tutorial was the mid-stream event (Naal-blob looks happy sitting on the frosting! ^^ ), I got the gist of her shading techniques but I’ll have to learn how to use layers on a real paint program first XD And there’s B’s potato-Naal-demon-blob! ^^ And her laptop with the heat issues…someone else also had the same problem during the livestream…I use a cooling pad powered off a USB port myself, and still have to clean the grills on the laptop with a fat paintbrush every so often. And finally adorable potato-Ischa by Vergil complete with cowlick (*u*)` Looking forward to the knitted version from Atelier B! Thanks for another enjoyable livestream guys! o/