Today is an Anah day.
First her as a demon ball:
Then the drafts for selection of a commission where she is a porno movie producer.
Come on Luna, you know you want to do a cute demon Anah.


8 Responses to Angel ball

  1. Illasol/IaY says:

    Demon blob Anah looks absolutley happy being in that form propably because she can look at all the poeple without being seen.

  2. Vlashrod says:

    Can a demon ball being fluffy ? It’s quite a challenge :)

    And Anah must bring tentacles if she wants to come on the top of porn-movies producer :3

  3. Ssapdra says:

    Are those Kiel like demons holding the camera orb? and if shell bring Ariel she might get some tentacle action O:) in fact the guy on pic looks like it might be Gems oc so there is high chance that girls are Faen and Ariel and on panel 2 it seems like some of the hair is up to something buuut maybe i see things so *shrug* untill the lineart is done :D im curious which one will make it to final as they all look good

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Pornoproducer!Anahid: Not enough passion! Not enough sweetness! Not enough butts! Not enough fat dawmeres! Not enough chocolate!

    Faenarae: Yes! More butts!

    Pornoproducer!Anahid: Now, for the next scene, all the ‘ssus are going to be coated in chocolate, and all the ‘laths are going to be coated in white chocolate! The scene will consist of everyone having their true colours revealed as they eat or rub the chocolate off each other! ♥

    Valla’drielle: I must object to the immorality of what you’re doing! And this flagrant waste of chocolate!

    Pornoproducer!Anahid: You just wish that someone would coat you in chocolate…

    Valla’drielle: … *lip quiver* yes…

    Pornoproducer!Anahid: Well… you can do a solo scene with a giant candy cane! ♥ The showers are over there, the chocolate-coating stations are being set up over there – be quick!

    Valla’drielle: *hobbles off as quickly as she can*

    Pornoproducer!Anahid: ♥ I love my work! ♥ ^ω^


  5. GEM76 says:

    LOL I love you guys XD