Concept art for Vlashrod completed. it’s Neh’s boyfriend. I must have fallen asleep on my tablet a dozen times today @_@ so i’ve the feeling i’ll look at this pic and page 132 later with much shame.
Next is a Kama sutra commission with Anahid as the producer.

Also, Darkvolt commission from last stream:


5 Responses to Sharess card

  1. Ssapdra says:

    *.* Im in love with his clothes and came out good

    *-* so much hair, i sometimes wonder if she ever tried to braid robes from them instead of getting dressed XD

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Oh, he’s sculpting…I thought he said the BATH is not big enough XD Dath looks great, very handsome, lucky Nehle (lucky Dath too)! ^^

    Ooo, DV’s Sharess playing card looks sharp! *o* When he was drawing her, I thought the arms and hands looked a bit too long, but completed with the background, it looks perfect! (I can almost hear DV scolding me, “It’s perspective…the hands are closer to the camera!” ID ) Sharess rocking dat big hair and wasp waist! ^^ I see the familial resemblance to Diva…is it irreverent to say that they both looked cute? ; )

    • Vlashrod says:

      Yes luck is on both side ^^ On the next commission their young daughter will be here : Shel’aan :)

      Dath’lyn is a Feldian from a rich family, an artist (with sometimes a special taste of art) but also an adventurer in his lost hours.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Ooo, a family portrait? WIth those genes, I’m sure she’ll be adorable, can’t wait to see her! ^^ That look in Dath’s eyes betray that he would be a capable adventurer indeed!