Can we have a break day to recover from said break day? Thanks life.
And glad to see you guys enjoyed the end of Naal’s journey through chel. It felt good to finally draw a (relatively) happy event in a chapter where a whole lot of things tend to be grim.
I begun Vlashrod’s concept art commission, to be completed wednesday night.

And basileus had his alternate take on Naal’s escape.


4 Responses to Concept art, it’s been a while.

  1. Cutie DarkFae says:

    I love Basi’s art, it makes me smile of a morning *hugs Basi* thanks :)

    The concept looks interesting :)

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Yay success, thanks Cutie! \o/ And Dath’lyn’s concept looks pretty sharp (er, what’s that in the bath with him in the top right? o_O ) I take it he’s not a chapter 50 cameo…looking forward to the inking! ^^

  2. Ssapdra says:

    Sorry about your break day :( hope that next one will be more succesfull

    I like The Vlashs guy, he knows things XD and Basils art made me fall from chair XD