Today is our break day. But Kite chose to do some work to get a regular page up instead of a filler. And here’s a nice fanart of Naal by Ssapra:


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  1. smokehammer says:

    Now thats pretty damn awesome.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Hope you had a restful day, Kern and Kite…and thanks for getting out today’s page! \o/

    Wow, that’s pretty spectacular, Ssapdra! *o* I hope she gets a demon-summon body like that…and with Njack, Sindas, and Inten, they would be like Kiel’s four musketeers! ^^ Which reminds me…we haven’t seen those three in action yet…the Sarghress civil war hasn’t started yet…Shasana hasn’t come out yet…Snadhya hasn’t come out yet…this is gonna be a looong chapter! (bounces and squees)

    • Ssapdra says:

      sooo Naal is the Aramis than? and Kiel is the Queen of Frabnce? (of sorts?)

      would not you have lind to character sheets for those three by any chance? O:) maybe something can be done about this idea *whistles*

      Hope you had nice and relaxed day Kern and thank you for publishing this >/////<

      • Kern says:

        Kiel would be highly disapointed to be the queen, she couldn,t kidnap princesses anymore.
        Not sure what you’re asking about those character sheets.

        • Ssapdra says:

          I was not sure if i can find them for Njack Sindas and Inten but found them and i will try to pull off that musketeer inspired thing Basil sugested.

          and maybe Bandit Queen? (most likely nope) but i can for sure imagine Snad as Cardinal, he is even in purple on one of the old posters XD

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Oh wow, it would be hard to say who would play who! ^^; Naal, being the different one, would make a natural d’Artagnan, but since he was the youngest and least experienced, she wouldn’t fit…I guess Aramis would be best. Kiel as Queen Anne sounds like a fit too (does that make Nau King Louis XIII?). If Snadhya is Cardinal Richelieu, then Khaless must play Milady! \o/

        • Ssapdra says:

          That was exactly my thought convo :D Altough as Kern pinted out Kiel would not be happy about this but damn Khaless would fit like a glove on Milady and Snad on Cardinal *.* i think even their agendas and motivations hit quiet close to each other

  3. VestaHound says:

    Hot damn, that fanart is amazing.

  4. Cutie DarkFae says:

    Oh so shiny :) *purrrs*