On livestream will be Darkvolt and Felix ; the later will be his first stream ever. He is the artist of the Naal story and starting tomorrow the waes story for daydream. So yes, fresh meat for giveaways.
Faen open shirt commission for Gem:
I will be the doing the Ariel one on stream where she stand to show her backview.

Pitdragon shown Shinae’s recruitement:

And Basileus, i know, poor Naal.


5 Responses to Faen you naughty kitten

  1. Sfi/Bwoman says:

    Waes/Kel won!?!?!? :D

  2. Pitdragon says:

    Shinae is going the Zala-method of army building. How the tables have turned!

    And now every time Naal-mon thinks words but doesn’t speak them, I’m going to imagine Kenny-muffled-sounds coming out of her mouth, especially the ones where you’re certain would be censored if they were more intelligible!

  3. GEM76 says:

    Open T-shirt its a selfy :P

  4. junglefowl26 says:

    Is that Gallen Shinae is recruiting? Either he is in for a terrible time, or a great time.

    “They killed Naal!”
    “You bastards!”

  5. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Yay the Waes story is in! \o/ Faen almost-naughty makes a nice centerfold…and Shinae dragging off who dat, Gailen? He reminds me of chibi Hatsune Miku singing Ievan Polka while shaking a leek :D And thanks Kern for not condemning Naal-demon to spending eternity locked in a stone! (/*o*)/ (\-_-)\ (/*o*)/