Magical girl chiri chan 5 is up. Sponsored by lordpanther.
Friday is Faen’s boobs. Saturday is Ariel’s butt. Monday i’m taking the day off. next week is a concept art(it’s been a while!). Then around friday next week i’ll be available again if there’s another commission coming up.

Now, it,s 6h30AM, excuse me while i carefully avoid all windows to reach the depths of my dark crypt.


One Response to Magical worm

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Once again, thank you LordPanther for your sponsorships! \o/ MGC page 5 looks great (even Snad-Flowey, who is growing on me…pahdon the pun), and poor dude on the bridge when the Beast of Greed comes boiling forth! *_* I wonder if that swirly end of the worm is a mouth that might nom onto Chiri…poor Chiri struggles against the evil clutches of the Beast’s mouth, as the fleshy pressure drains her magical powers! ^^; It is a DD story after all…it could happen…

    Faen looking positively bodayshus…Zair getting nosebleed…and blushy Ariel too. Faen is phenomenal, thanks GEM and Kern! ^^