It’s a very daydream day!
The first of the 3 new story is up on daydream, this one by the talented painter EliirhShaan. Whose story is about the Velcahal(demon slayer) legend passing on to the next person. Like Queen of butts this will feature an entirely new cast of characters and will focus on a male character.

Lunareth’s new queen of butts frame artwork, sponsored by Lordpanther. The version curently on daydream had popo and the title moved to avoid them being covered by the pages.
Candy, why so pink.

Magical girl chiri chan page 5 in progress. Hope to complete it thursday.

Our daydream content keep getting stolen every year, for many years. So all the new stories will now have an icon, of the artist choice, to keep the address of the web site regardless if it is stolen. Sure it can be removed but i’m assuming complete lazyness from content thieves.

Finally Thalar complete saturday’s giveaway : chibi Sabbror, which is basicly Nau.


One Response to Daydream stuff

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ah ha, I knew it was Vel’Cahal (even though the page title didn’t say anything), and wooo EliirShaan’s work looks gorgeous! \o/ Luna’s new QoB frame looks outstanding (love all the characters…hey wait, who wuzzat with the tiara and black boots in the upper left? o_o ) I wasn’t aware that DayDream has a problem with art thieves (I will wish pubic leprosy on those who dare snake DayDream stuff!) B( And awww, Thalar’s chibi Sabbie looks so…cute and solid (and I see the familial resemblance alright…except the red eyeball) ^^